“It’s That Dark Time of Year Again” has won honorable mention in the American Songwriter May/June 2017 Lyric Contest,  due out the first week of May, as well as on our website, americansongwriter.com.

American Songwriter Magazine


“Andy's CD is a wide-angle overview of his versatility as a songwriter and guitarist. He carries off jazz, blues, folk rock and even an atmospheric bossa nova, all with equal aplomb. The backing band is uniformly excellent, and it's obvious that Andy's songs inspired them to play some great grooves and solos...satisfying and hip on all levels...”

Pete Kennedy, the Kennedys


“Wow, I was blown away by this new CD called "Everything's Different" by Andy Marino. Andy sings & plays his guitar with such emotion as he takes you on a journey of his life that one can easily relate to. Andy has a smooth style of R&B, jazz, blues, rock, etc. His lyrics often give you a sense of spiritual healing. This CD is truly welcome in the times that we are living in today. I give Andy Marino my 5 Coconuts and hope you will enjoy it too.”

Coconut Ron (Ron Ajemian, Institute for Audio Research NYC)


“I’ve been listening to your CD and I LOVE IT!  The production, arrangements, and performances are so intimate, beautiful, and personal, it feels like you guys are right in my living room.  You are a great musician - a great performer, songwriter, AND a great producer and arranger. And that is a very awesome combination. Wishing you much-deserved success for this beautiful album. Bravo!"

Bob Katz, singer/songwriter, musician